"Radical User Centricity enables you to crack the most challenge in business: How to apply and maintain a consequent outside-in perspective at all time."

Jacob Johansen

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Businesses continuously face a multitude of challenges. Radical User Centricity enables you to crack the most significant of them all: Applying and maintaining a constant outside-in perspective in everything you do.

No business leader disagrees with the obvious advantages of an outside-in perspective. Nobody would argue that running a business from a strict inside-out perspective is better. Yet, few are capable of leading and innovating offerings and organizations from outside-in.

There are three reasons why applying and maintaining an outside-in perspective is the most significant challenge in business.

  1. Because the universally common inside-out perspective corrupts organisations, cloud and distort knowledge and insights, impedes rational decision-making, contaminates human relations, and confuses the direction of the business.
  2. Having an inside-out perspective is the root cause of almost any other challenge your company may be facing because organisational priorities and internal day-to-day firefighting take precedence over most external tasks. Changing the perspective to outside-in enables you to identify superior solutions and best initiatives to grow your company through changes and challenging times.
  3. Seeing and judging ourselves as an outsider is one of the hardest things to do. While most of us can agree to the logical benefit of an outside-in perspective, we fail to apply it beyond two-day workshops, or those Chardonnay infused off-grid moments of truth where we discuss everything which would be changed in our company if we just had our way.

The benefits of outside-in
Adopting an outside-in perspective enables you to lead your business from bare reality instead of a politically correct, stakeholder compliant version of the truth.

The outside-in perspective is detached from politics, it's unsentimental, without constrains or sympathies, its guilt-free, and brutally honest. And its benefits are numerous. Adopting an outside-in perspective enables you to:

  • innovate products and services that fulfil the needs of the market instead of servicing the convenience of your production line or organisation.
  • shape your organisation to meet external needs rather than adapt to stakeholder demands and habitual behaviour.
  • eliminate qualified guessing from strategy development and daily decision making.
  • continually develop the collective competence of the co-workers to match the now.
  • direct technology to support the growth of your business instead of having technology direct you.

And these are just a few of the benefits - the tip of the iceberg. The list is long.

Being driven from outside-in is the natural starting point but we tend to lose it as we grow. Like the artistic and creative talent of a child that flourishes from a young age only to crumble and almost entirely disappear as the child grows older. Applying and maintaining the outside-in perspective is notoriously difficult to most. The principles of Radical User Centricity makes it simple.