Hello, I am Jacob Johansen

As an independent business facilitator, I often work deeply embedded in my clients’ businesses. Walking in and out of different organizations granted all access but not a formal part of the organization, it’s hierarchy and politics is educating. I consider it quite an honour to be trusted the role of a fly on the wall, observing everything that goes on in a company or industry.

Anyone who has experienced starting a new job in a new organization has come in on the first day of work, asking questions about why things are done in particular, and a specific round-about. Where most become part of the machine, I have been allowed to maintain my neutrality. That’s how I started to develop the principles which have become Radical User Centricity. 

I believe I had stumbled upon a deep business need shared by almost anyone: The need for direction in a fast-changing market.

As an independent transformation facilitator, I enable businesses to deal with being jolted to another level of unpredictability we are all struggling to come to terms with as businesses and as business leaders. 
It’s my job to supply with the one thing most companies struggle with: Applying an outside-in perspective on their business, their products, their organization and how they work and innovate. 

I am of course influenced by my experience, from 20 years in international advertising, from years running my own business and later as an innovation consultant. Living in China since 2003 and working on the frontline of New retail, a digital revolution and surrounded by the most demanding users in the world of course also have an impact on me.
To me growing business is not about the past though and I stay focused on where we’re going, not where I came from, by applying the principles of Radical User Centricity.

I have consolidated the principles and shared them with the world in my book “Radical User Centricity – embrace the user and transform your business”. 
I have written it, not because I need to write a book, but because I believe I have identified a need that has not yet been met. 

The book is a manifesto of future growth and a framework which will point businesses and people within them in the right direction. It is a conceptual framework which will help organize, manage and reform your business from outside-in, based on what must be the fundamental deep user need for any large organization: the needs of the outside user. 

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• From 2016: Independent Business Facilitator
• 2013-2016: Executive Director, International Business, Mensch
• 2007-2013: CEO, Leagas Delaney, Momentum Worldwide
• 2003-2007: Director of Marketing, Simply Life
• 1988-2003: Various positions in advertising
• 1985-1988: Chairman, Danish Student's Organization