Outside-in Tactical Planning

A strategy may suit many objectives, but most share a latent purpose: To avoid the unforeseen. As such its defensive by nature.

Most companies build their strategy from what they already are and what they have already achieved hence their strategy only leads to more of the same. But evolving slower than the user needs equals going backwards.

Shooting for the moon
A strategy is basically a manifestation of a company's ambition and as such it must always be a transformative vision for the future which unites the organization and influence the world around it.

A strategy must:
Define a clear objective, be far-reaching and ambitious, well beyond the comfort zone and rally people to achieve something extraordinary.

Developing a strategy from a grand vision is about user needs and relevance. We start by establishing a solid foundation by:

1. Articulation of the company’s Sphere of Interest.

2. From Sphere of Interest identify users and their needs.

3. Deciding conduct to determine which needs to fulfil.

Only from then we can start listening to users, track needs cell-division and formulate our fulfilment initiatives.

"Instead of depending on a calendar, the radical user-centric organization rely on the intensity of engagement to decide when and what to deploy."

Jacob Johansen